Baritone Ukelele Jazz Chords

I’ve always wanted to play schmaltz guitar and have started to try to learn the jazz chords that make that lounge lizardy sound.  But it’s complicated, most of the voicings are four notes, interspersed on the six strings of the guitar.  And the accompanying music theory about chord inversions never helped much with understanding.

So I decided to switch to my baritone ukelele, which has the same first four strings as the guitar.  Four strings, four notes, seems simple.

Again though, difficult to find what I want, and then when I did find some chords I showed Nancy, who is a musician, my new found Dm7 chord, and she said it was wrong.  I showed her the diagram.  She said it just sounds wrong.  So I looked at the notes under the fingering to prove her wrong.  Hmmm.   It was D6.

So, being somewhat of a geek, I decided to embark on my own journey to derive the jazz chords I was looking for on the baritone ukelele.

Here are the chronicles of that journey: update — I’ve done more work since, it starts here:

Jazz Baritone Ukelele

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