It’s change people yearn for.

Do you remember 8 years ago?  In the Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton was the front runner, but she was upset by, get this, a black man.  A black man (in this so called racist country) beat out the establishment politician.  And why?  He promised change.

This year, a crazy billionaire beat out the establishment politician again.  Why? Because he promised change.

The country doesn’t care — well educated black man, racist billionaire — that part is not important.  People are sick of a disfunctional government controlled by corporate money.

Saying the country embraced a misogynistic, xenophobic narcissist is simply not correct.  70% of the population didn’t like him.  That is not who we are.  Yet, he was the candidate promising change.

For those who think the votes for Gary Johnson put Trump in office, well pay attention.  Those were votes from people who wanted change.

And if everyone who voted for Clinton because it was the “smart” thing to do, had voted their conscience, we would most likely have both Libertarian and Green party candidates as part of the process next time.

Baritone Ukelele, not Guitar, not Small Ukelele

Well finally this election is coming to a close, and I can focus on my new hobby.  That’s learning about jazz chords and how to use them on the baritone ukelele.

Why not a regular uke?  Well it’s got too tinny a sound and too small to finger chords up the neck.

Anyway, back to the point, I’m learning how to …

What?  A guitar, well yes, it’s a fuller richer instrument, but more difficult to play.

So I’ve started to work out the chords..

I know, I know, if I want to be a real jazz musician I should work with the guitar, but I’m trying to get a start with baritone uke.


Use a small uke?  I just explained that a small uke is too small.  It’s too tinny.  It does not really let me experiment with jazz chords like I want.

No, I’m not going to use the guitar.  It’s too big for me.  Maybe not for everyone, but for me, I’m more comfortable with the smaller 4-stringed instrument.

NO, guitar vs. small uke are not my only choices.  I don’t care that nobody cares about a baritone uke.  It works for me.

Sorry all, I couldn’t help myself.   Smiling when I wrote this….

Really, I’m working on jazz chords for the baritone uke.  It’s fun.  There will be posts about it for real.

Monsanto, Cable Companies, Government

This is the real business of government that affects our everyday lives.  Vermont (Bernie Sander’s state) has GMO labelling laws.  Food producers are currently adding GMO labeling so they can sell in Vermont.  But they don’t like it.  So they invested a lot of money and influence on a federal bill that will override the Vermont one.

It says, OK, so we have to label, but it’s too onerous to put it in writing on the label (as Vermont required, and many European countries do), so we’ll just encode it in a QR or bar code on the label.  Anyone with a cell phone can look it up.

Here is big business, buying it’s way into the laws of our land.  Maybe GMO is fine, that’s not the issue.  The issue is we have a right to know, and the government supports big agribusiness in making it difficult to know.

This is the crap that happens all the time.

Here’s my point — We have no idea how either Clinton or Trump will behave in this area.  We have no idea what sorts of decisions they’ll make for us day to day.  Will they support this type of business sponsored legislation?  Or not?

All we hear about is email servers and pussy grabbing.  Neither of those issues will have the impact on our lives as, for example, this latest GMO labeling act.

We DO know how Gary Johnson would govern.  His campaign information addresses this sort of topic.  He explains that the executive does NOT make the laws.  The legislature does.  So the president cannot create laws.  But, he can veto them.

And so he did.  He gives as an example a bill that crossed his desk when he was governor.  It was labeled something like The Fair Cable Act.  It was written and sponsored by the cable company to protect their monopoly.  Gary Johnson vetoed it.  And all others like it.

(He was disliked by his state legislature, and loved by his constituents.)