It’s change people yearn for.

Do you remember 8 years ago?  In the Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton was the front runner, but she was upset by, get this, a black man.  A black man (in this so called racist country) beat out the establishment politician.  And why?  He promised change.

This year, a crazy billionaire beat out the establishment politician again.  Why? Because he promised change.

The country doesn’t care — well educated black man, racist billionaire — that part is not important.  People are sick of a disfunctional government controlled by corporate money.

Saying the country embraced a misogynistic, xenophobic narcissist is simply not correct.  70% of the population didn’t like him.  That is not who we are.  Yet, he was the candidate promising change.

For those who think the votes for Gary Johnson put Trump in office, well pay attention.  Those were votes from people who wanted change.

And if everyone who voted for Clinton because it was the “smart” thing to do, had voted their conscience, we would most likely have both Libertarian and Green party candidates as part of the process next time.

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