Movie Twists — The Good, The Bad

There’s an art to making a movie or TV show with a twist, a surprise ending.

Consider the movies Sixth Sense and Body Heat.  When you learn the twist at the end, it’s AH-HA!  Your mind races through the scenes in the movie as you realize one, and then the next, all have dual interpretations.  What you thought was one way, was really the other.

That’s why she never acknowledged him at the restaurant!  That’s why such a classy lady was drawn to such a mediocre man!


We’ve just been through two TV series that completely fail.  The Five and La Mante.  (No I won’t spoil the endings, and will say both were enjoyable enough to watch, even if the endings were disappointing.)

In both of these you go through episode after episode, following this false thread, then that until, finally, in the last episode, all is revealed.

So you replay the series in your mind, looking for those wonderful ambiguous scenes.  Nope.  No ambiguity at all.  The director simply lied throughout.  The scenes all very clearly said no way X is the one, don’t even think X is the one.  And then at the end says, guess what? X is the one!

Lazy. Cheap.


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