Exploring Jazz Chords on a Baritone Ukelele

This is a work in progress, lots of unfinished business.

Why a Baritone Ukelele for Jazz?

Guitar, Baritone Uke, Soprano Uke
  • Jazz chords are mostly 4 notes.
  • The baritone uke has 4 strings.
  • Fewer chords to learn, easier chords to finger.
  • Same tuning as first 4 guitar strings, so familiar basic chords.
  • Nice sound, not as full as a guitar, but richer than a soprano uke.
  • Can finger chords up the fret board, which you can’t, easily, do on a soprano uke.



Chord Basics

Scales & Moveable Chords

Seventh Chords

Miracle of Diminished 7th Chords