Reflection — Human Entanglement

Logic, which served my software career so well, seems inadequate for explaining the mysteries of life. The connections in our lives and the events in them might better be understood borrowing some of the bizarre illogic of quantum entanglement.

I call the entanglements of life ‘Reflection’ in this book, and explore them on both a personal level and a more philosophic level. Stories from my life, and the lives of those around me, illustrate the basic idea. An idea which is at the core of many religious, philosophic and psychological views of life.

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Here are some readings:

Chapters — The chapters of the book with their introductory quotations.

Introduction — The introduction chapter.


“This book really sticks with you, I find myself constantly thinking about it.” — A poet.

“Thank you for writing the book and offering it for review, since it has helped me through a time of transition in my life.” — A recently laid-off worker.

“This is a story that needs to be told—it is the lay introduction to some very important ideas.” — A minister and therapist.

“I stubbed my toe the other day and said ‘#!@*&’ Dennis Merritt—you’ve got me thinking about things I don’t want to think about.” — A secretary.

“You have taken a highly abstract, mythic idea, the Net of Indra, and you have rendered it on the canvas of reality.” — An author.

“I love the character in the book and his adventures.” — An editor.

“I hope someday to discover the ‘plate tectonics’ of Reflection.” — A sailor.

“Those who know (the Way) don’t speak. Those who speak don’t know.” — Lao Tzu, a long time ago.

“This is me speaking about the Way.” — The author.

“My real vision of this is a sort of spirituality 101, a sort of ‘Not for Mystics Only,’ the real point of all of this being that there is a direct connection between an individual’s inner reality and external reality, the great reality, and that ordinary people can experience this on a daily basis, as well as all of the attributes associated with great mystical experiences, such as peace, joy, understanding, wisdom, beauty, and ecstasy. Further, the way to experience this is the same way the ancients did, through signs, and signs are given to us even in the post-industrial morass in which we find ourselves today.” — Nancy Wilson.